Gaia Regards Her Children

A film made to a poem by Alicia Ostriker,
expressing displeasure with the way we treat the earth.
@2016, 02:46 minutes

On the Other Side

A poetic musing on aging, based on a poem by Natalie H. Rogers.
©2015, 6 minutes

Red Father

Janet Ades, a “red diaper baby” examines her communist father's legacy, his idealism, his trial and later his tribulations.
©2014, 55 minutes

Lot's Wife

"But his wife looked back from behind him, and she became a pillar of salt". Genesis 19:26


©2011, 4 minutes
lot's wife

Medusa’s Head

A female figure, moves slowly amid a columned space.


©2011, 6 minutes
medusa's head

Her World

She is beautiful, poor and infatuated with movie star glamour -- an Eastern European Jewish
immigrant turns up in West Virginia on the eve of the Great Depression.
©2010, 16:30 minutes
her world

Don't Ask

A docu-poem on language and identity -- immigrants’ conflict between internal
and external interpretations of self.
©2007, 4 minutes
don't ask

A portrait of The Artist as an old(er) Woman

Three octogenarian women artists share their insights into the creative energy
and vitality that is not hampered by age
©2007, 29 minutes
a portrait of the artist as an old(er) woman

At the Altar of Her Memories

Through a mix of puppetry and story telling Bracha Ghilai, who spent her adolescent years
in concentration camps, unlocks chapters from her painful past.
©2005, 27 minutes, in Hebrew with English subtitles.
at the altar of her memories


Fairy tail; parable; magic; myth; reflections... Interweaving photographic composites
of mannequins, “Reflections” muses on the absurdities of social ideals.
©2006, 4 minutes


Filmed at the historic Lafayette cemetery in New Orleans,
the video is set to investigate the psychology of memory.
©2004, 10 minutes

Shadow Walk

In a disintegrating deserted building -- dancers movements
are set to investigate psychology of memory.
©2004, 8 minutes
shadow walk


Dance performance of both choreographed and improvised movement
in relation and response to Tova Beck Friedman's sculpture.
©2002, 8 minutes