Production & editing by Tova Beck-Friedman. ©2008, 03:25 minutes
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dinner party
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Language is a complicated dance between internal and external interpretations of our identity. In DON’T ASK, New York City based, Israeli-born artists, writers and a dancer reflect on their relationship with the English language and their mother tongue, Hebrew.
With archival films featuring the City circa the 1940s, their dialogue is intersected by a poem by Carmela Tal Baron, addressing the dichotomy between the way we are perceived by others versus who we really are.



"In DON’T ASK. Tova Beck-Friedman packed a punch with complex imagery and multi-stranded issues into a very tight format." Maureen Michaelson, director, Michaelson Art Gallery.
"Wonderful use of imagery and poetry as well as the discourse on immigration. wow!", Lilly Rivlin, filmmaker.
"It’s amazing how much meaning and intriguing photography DON’T ASK can get in only three minutes!", Rivka Rass, writer.


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