A Portrait Of The Artist As An Old(er) Woman

Directing, cinematography & editing by Tova Beck-Friedman ©2007, 29 minutes
Hana Eshel, sculptor, artist, older artist,
Hava Mehutan, sculptor, artist, older artist
margaret Johnson, artist, older artist,
“I never feel age ...
If you have creative work, you don't have age or time.”

Louise Nevelson
Three octogenarian women artists – Margaret K. Johnson, Printmaker, Hanna Eshel, sculptor and Hava Mehutan, sculptor -- whose art inform their identity, give us insight into creative energy that is not hampered by age.
On-camera interviews are woven together with archival films, home movies and images of their work, to tell their story of life wrapped around art.
The three artists were born and raised in the early part of the 20th century, an era that did not provide support for women to pursue their career choices. Nevertheless, these women radiate with energy, a vibrant strength of spirit, passion, and commitment to the pursuit of Art. Through childhood, marriage and raising a family – art has been their vehicle to maintain vitality.


"It was great to see older/alive/vibrant and still-making-art--women artists--so glad you made this film --it gives this woman artist encouragement to continue...so thanks."
Margot Niederland, filmmaker.


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